Behind the Curtain

First to the stage, Miss      C A R O L      L Y N L E Y!


Next up, the lovely        C A R O L    W A Y N E !

By popular demand -         A N N E     R A N D A L L !

And last but not least, Our Miss        E L I S A B E T H      B R O O K S !


  1. Who needs words when we have eyes... and other things.

  2. Joe Dante never filmed a more compelling thirty seconds.

  3. Hey Peter and John, I expected to see monsters behind the curtain! What's this with the nekkid dames, huh?

  4. Walker-

    Don't think I haven't lodged my complaint with management. This was all Schow and Scoleri. I can't stand nekkid chicks.

  5. Did we just earn an "R" rating? Always grand for the box office.

  6. At this point it behooves me to point out that this habitual cheap-shot, lowbrow, go-for-the-skin approach is typical of the emotions roused by every blog JS & PE do. It all started with THRILLER. Who could imagine a pinup gallery for THRILLER? Well, we did, and it was amazing.

    Equal-time mandates caused us to erect (!) a gallery of hot males, so as not to alienate or belittle our most-important female demographic.

    Let's start with McGavin. He took his shirt off in A LOT of movies.

    Due diligence also requires us to provide the following link:

    Want to read THE NIGHT KILLERS? It's here:

    Updyke's web page! See:


    Larry King interviews Darren McGavin, 1992!,_1992!

  7. Also: A really nice McGavin memorial photo montage that just might jerk a tear ...