Friday, July 1, 2016

Your Quick Reference Guide to "It Couldn't Happen Here"

Welcome to It Couldn't Happen Here! While we've finished our marathon viewing and reviewing an episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker a day, we hope you'll come along for the ride after the fact and post your comments on the episodes as you make your way through the series. While you can access all of the entries in the Blog Archive in the sidebar, we thought it would be helpful to provide this index with links to each of the episode reviews, Mark Dawidziak's daily spotlights, and the other special features posted.

  1. The Night Stalker Review - Mark Dawidziak - Matthew Bradley
  2. The Night Strangler Review - Mark Dawidziak - Matthew Bradley
TV Series Episode Reviews
  1. "The Ripper" Review - Mark Dawidziak
  2. "The Zombie" Review - Mark Dawidziak
  3. "They Have Been, They Are, They Will Be..." Review - Mark Dawidziak
  4. "The Vampire" Review - Mark Dawidziak 
  5. "The Werewolf" Review - Mark Dawidziak
  6. "Firefall" Review - Mark Dawidziak 
  7. "The Devil's Platform" Review - Mark Dawidziak
  8. "Bad Medicine" Review - Mark Dawidziak
  9. "The Spanish Moss Murders" Review - Mark Dawidziak - Deleted Scenes
  10. "The Energy Eater" Review - Mark Dawidziak
  11. "Horror in the Heights" Review - Mark Dawidziak
  12. "Mr. R.I.N.G." Review - Mark Dawidziak
  13. "Primal Scream" Review - Mark Dawidziak
  14. "The Trevi Collection" Review - Mark Dawidziak
  15. "Chopper" Review - Mark Dawidziak
  16. "Demon in Lace" Review - Mark Dawidziak
  17. "Legacy of Terror" Review - Mark Dawidziak
  18. "The Knightly Murders" Review - Mark Dawidziak
  19. "The Youth Killer" Review - Mark Dawidziak
  20. "The Sentry" Review - Mark Dawidziak
DJS Presents The Unfilmed Episodes 
  1. "Eve of Terror"
  2. "The Get of Belial"
  3. "The Executioners"
Special Features


  1. This was (is) a fun blog - even if I found some of the commenting a bit too snarky at times. I dearly love this show - and did a three part retrospective over at my blog in October 2010 during my Halloween Horrorfest - thought I'd drop in the links to the three posts should anyone care to come by and check out another point of view on the phenomenon known as Kolchak: The Night Stalker...

    Part One (The 2 TV movies):

    Part Two (Episodes 1-10):

    and Part Three (Episodes 11-20 and wrapup):

    If you come by, please feel free to leave comments! Cheers!

  2. Meanwhile, word is out that SHAUN OF THE DEAD director Edgar Wright will be making a NIGHT STALKER feature with Johnny Depp. Interestingly, the trailer for the faux film DON'T, which Wright made for GRINDHOUSE, is clearly a parody of Matheson's THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE, among other things.

  3. Great reference guide, gents. Brilliant idea. Thanks!

  4. Aw Hell...I missed out on the real-time Kolchak talk. I've really enjoyed "We Are Controlling Transmission" and "A Thriller A Day". Look like I've got some digging in to do here. I've loved K:TNS since I was a wee 9-year old covering my eyes in front of the old 19-inch Black & White RCA.

    Thanks for this!

  5. I've been looking for information all over the web as to whether the broadcast order is also the production order. Credits and characters don't seem to give any indication as to the production order, either. And no one seems to have tracked it otherwise.

    Any chance anyone can confirm this?

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