Wednesday, June 29, 2016

We interrupt this program for a very special announcement

Just when you thought you had seen the last of our "TV show a day" blogs, this week co-host John Scoleri threw caution to the wind, and has embarked on a journey to watch and comment on every episode of Dark Shadows on the 50th anniversary of its original airdate.

And yes, that means starting at the very beginning, not 200+ episodes in when Barnabas arrives.

Right now the key question is can he do it? Remember, we're talking about 1225 episodes here. Five years. Well, perhaps you have the complete DVD collection in your library, and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to crack those babies open. What better time, and what better way than to join in on the fun.

Check it out at Dark Shadows Before I Die!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program, Night-Stalkers!

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  1. I noticed the drawing of Kolchak and his camera and one of the newer books looked wrong. On the cover of "Lambs To The Slaughter," he seems to be holding some sort of 35mm SLR. We all know he actually used a 16mm camera, made by Rollei. I know that because I own one just because Carl did. Here's a link to it: